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The company was founded in 1991 on the basis of many years of experience in the field of measuring and control technology deals with the development and manufacture of electronic equipment for industrial purposes. These are both analog and digital devices with single chip microprocessors, which can be equipped with a communication interface for connecting the computer. In these cases, PC software is included as well.

A large number of electronic devices have been continuously developed and implemented, which are divided into several groups for the sake of clarity. It is a device for measuring force and weight with strain gauge sensors, a device for measuring the length of winding materials, temperature measurement and temperature control devices, imaging units and the chip Dallas readers. All of these devices can be modified from hardware and software point of view and manufactured according to customer requirements.

High-quality tools and materials are used in development and production. This is, for example, a development system for the design of circuit diagrams and printed circuit boards with their subsequent production by a professional firm. Single-sided or double-sided printed circuit boards have a non-stick mask. For piece production, printed circuit boards are produced in a laboratory by a photochemical process. Even in this case, they are good-quality products.

Both standard and SMD components from renowned manufacturers are used to install the boards. Each product is subjected to final inspection and final testing.

Simpler mechanical components are manufactured in their own mechanical workshop. The more complex mechanical parts are produced within the cooperation.


Business information

PRICE OFFERS: All products listed on our product range include photos and technical documentation. Standard price includes the price excluding VAT. For other custom products and products, the price and other information can be requested either by phone or by e-mail. These contacts can also be consulted on technical and business issues.
ORDERS you can send by e-mail, post or phone. A written order with all business details is required for payment by an invoice transfer order. Otherwise, an advance invoice may be used for payment by transfer or the goods may be sent by cash on delivery.
SUPPLIES ABROAD are normally done for all EU countries. The payment is charged in EUR according to the current CNB exchange rate.
MATURITY invoices are normally 15 days. If necessary, the maturity can be extended up to 30 days. Goods can be taken either in person or sent by the Czech Post. In this case, the distribution costs are charged according to the actual postage rate.
DELIVERY TIME zdepends on the stock quantity of the ordered products. The range of products is in stock and orders are processed by return. Otherwise, the normal delivery time is up to 2 weeks for a piece quantity. For larger numbers, the delivery time is longer.
WARRANTY on all products is 12 months. By mutual agreement, the warranty can be extended up to 36 months.
S A L E S can be provided in the case of long-term cooperation or in the collection of more products.


Production assortment

Force measurement and weight - converters

Force measurement and weight - devices

Meters of continuously manufactured material

Temperature measurement and control

Display units

Dallas chip readers

Other products


Development of customized electronic devices offers the development of electronic devices according to customer requirements.
These are all stages of development from the specification of the function and appearance requirements of the equipment to the delivery of a functional prototype including technical documentation.
Many years of experience in the field of analog electronics (operational amplifiers) and digital electronics (single-chip microprocessors) are used to design the device.
There is also a proven software to connect a PC to a standard interface (USB, RS232, RS485).

Technical conditions and service

All products have been designed according to the state of the art and correspond to valid European standards and national standards and directives. Products have been shown to comply with the relevant standards. Corresponding declarations and documents are deposited with the manufacturer.

The products are CE marked (Conformité Européenne). The CE mark certifies that the product meets all the mandatory requirements that are imposed on it by everyone of the mandatory regulations applicable to this product in terms of safety, protection against hazardous EMC, hygiene, environmental protection, and more.

WARRANTY AND PAINT SERVICE is carried out at the registered office of the company, where products can be delivered either personally or by post. If technically possible, warranty repairs are performed within 24 hours. Post-warranty repairs within 3 business days.


Contact informations

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Ing.Radomír Matulík
Náves 7
763 61 Pohořelice

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IČO: 13092758
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Phone: 603 217 899


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